Koudelka Shooting Holy Land

Documentary, 2015


Job: Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer

Director: Gilad Baram

Producers: Gilad Baram, Radim Procházka


Forty years after capturing the Russian invasion of Prague in 1968, Czech photographer Josef Koudelka heads to a project to take pictures of yet another conflict zone: the wall separating Israel and Palestine in the West bank. Over the course of five years, Koudelka repeatedly travels to Israel and Palestine to capture lives and landscapes of a border not so different from the iron curtain that once imprisoned himself.

Koudelka is accompanied by the young photography student Gilad Baram, who works as his assistant but soon steps behind his own camera to document and portray the work of seventy years old Koudelka, following him on his search for the next perfect shot. The result is a large body of HD video and audio material that was carefully and wisely assembled to a well-balanced meditation over landscapes, environments, social contrasts and creativity itself.


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