Mixing Yohji

My dop friend Chau Ngo The approached me over a year ago with a project he had been involved with: A portrait documentary of iconic designer Yohji Yamamoto. The team consisting of Chau, Matthias Maercks, Nico Zeh and Nadav Mor managed to establish a close connection to Mr. Yamamoto, who is well-known for being secretive and selective when it comes to his personal life.

The film succeeds in revealing a broad spectrum of Yamamotos fascinating personality and career. From his background and personal struggles to his approach to creativity and views on the fashion world. Yamamoto repeatedly emphasizes that he considers himself a deeply devoted craftsman and artist, not a fashion designer or person of public interest. In this sense, the word „Dressmaker“ in the title was carefully chosen and adequately describes his quest and struggle for artistic perfection.

The photo above was taken at the Rotor Dolby Atmos mixing stage where I did the final mix.