Best Sound award for "The Chicken" at FICBUEU

I'm incredibly happy to announce that "The Chicken" scored yet another award... and this time it involves my collegue Raoul and myself with an award for Best Sound at the Bueu Film Festival.

I wasn't able to attend the ceremony last Saturday because of new projects. But luckily, Raoul was able to make it to Bueu, represented the Chicken team there, picked up our award and had a nice Tapas dinner to celebrate.

Short films are such a nice opportunity to really focus on your craft and go some extra rounds of polishing and refining. And that's pretty much what we did on "The Chicken". And the screenplay threw the ball in our court nicely with some exciting settings for good sound design. 

I guess that the sound of "The Chicken" found a good balance between naturalism and dramatic impact, not least by director Una Gunjaks precise approach to realism and believability. This made it a beautiful and rewarding experience and I feel very honored that the outcome is acknowledged like that.